Students across the world

Hi there, I know many of you will have essays, dissertations and theses ready to submit, but you’re not quite sure if the English you’ve used is correct. Maybe you’re a student whose first language isn’t English, or a student who is a native English speaker but you’re not confident in your written English usage.

I can help! I have edited a substantial number of essays, dissertations and theses. I know about referencing, citations, bibliographies, quotations and so on. I know how these should be set out, formatted and presented.

I understand that different universities like their students to use different styles, be it APA, Chicago, MLA or Harvard. I know all of these and can make your essay or dissertation stand out.

While I will make your English perfect, I can also point out things which are unclear or not properly referenced in your work. I will do all of this for a great price, so please get in touch with me and let me know exactly what you need to be done.

I guarantee you will not be disappointed. So get in touch and let’s get the job done!

Many thanks.


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