I know very well that someone who reads any of my blogs must need to get something edited!

It could be an email or blog, an essay or dissertation, letter, CV or resume, article or book. I have edited them all and guarantee I will do a great job on whatever it is that you need improving.

I will check all the spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and references throughout the copy. I will ensure consistency in your entire document in terms of characterisation, name spellings, references, whatever it is you need.

In short, I will make sure your document is perfect and ready to be published, posted or sent off, whether that’s to a publishing house, tutor or adjudicator.

All you have to is contact me, let me know the word count of your document and when you need the work done. I will then email you with a quotation, once we agree I will do the work and email (or via WeTransfer or a dropbox for larger jobs) the edited file back to you.

You can then pay me directly either though a bank transfer or PayPal, and that’s it! I would then appreciate some great feedback, of course.

So if you have anything you need editing, please get in touch with me and let me get started! I guarantee I will do a great job for you and my prices are extremely competitive, as well as negotiable.

I really look forward to hearing from you!


3 thoughts on “Someone must need something editing!

  1. This spells out in detail what you offer, so I hope people respond accordingly. It is obvious from all your posts that you offer a fantastic service, and you really deserve to do well. I also hope my responses provoke a reaction! Do well!

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