“Great job editing a document. Delivered on time and as agreed. Would recommend.”
‒ Elizabeth Hetherington, London, UK
[edited document, April 2017]

This woman has just given me great feedback on the work I’ve done for her. All the people I work for tell me what a great job I’ve done for them, so shouldn’t this be telling you something?

I am a fantastic proofreader and editor. I know my spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and terminology inside out. I know how to lay out documents correctly and present them in a visually appealing style.

Not only this, but I charge very reasonable prices for the work I do. My partner keeps telling me I should up my rates, I say I want to attract new business.

Someone reading this must need, or know someone who needs, something editing. Whether it’s an email, blog, essay, article, letter, CV or resume, dissertation or book, I will be happy to proofread and edit it for you.

All you have to do is contact me with the type and word count of your document, then we go from there! I will email you a quotation, we can negotiate a price we’re both happy with, then I will do the work and send you back your edited document.

It really is that easy. So get in touch with me now and let me know the work you want me to do for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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