I feel that I should spell out to people exactly the services I offer, so here goes.

First off, I will edit and proofread any document you need. Whether it’s an email, blog, essay, article, dissertation, CV or resume, business card, menu, flyerwebsite or book, I can do it all! I can ensure your document reads perfectly, with not one error in spelling, punctuation, grammar or syntax.

I will also check any references or bibliographies you may have in your document. I’ve been a student, so understand that referencing everything correctly is a pain, along with writing bibliographies! I promise I will check everything for you and make changes where necessary.

I have Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office and InDesign. I can edit any document in these formats and know my way around the programs. Also, if you require, I can design and lay out your document for you!

I recently designed my sister’s flyers for her using InDesign. She’s just qualified as a foot care specialist and I designed two flyers for her to hand out to potential customers. She already has some customers and her flyers are quite literally flying out!

I can print, scan or photocopy anything you may need up to A4 size.

I also now have a laminator, so can produce flyers, business cards or any document that needs to be protected. All I ask is that you pay for the pouches I’ll need to buy and the postage, as well as my work, of course.

So there it is, a breakdown of the services I offer. If you’re reading this and are unsure if you can trust me with your work, then please ask any of my previous customers about the work I’ve done for them. I guarantee I will do the work until you’re completely satisfied!

So get in touch with me and let me know what you want me to work on for you. I promise you I will do a great job at a great price. Satisfaction guaranteed!


5 thoughts on “The skills I offer you

  1. Thanks for saying exactly what services you offer. Laminating is certainly something I may need in future, so will come to you when I do. I hope this generates plenty of interest in your business!

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