I know you all have them – things you meant to send out, post or publish in some way. It could be a letter, application, CV, essay, article, email or blog.

I KNOW everyone has something which they meant to send, but they just haven’t yet. Just waiting to polish it off maybe? This is where I can help you!

I will ensure, whatever your document is, that it is in prime condition to be sent, posted or published! I will check the spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax; make sure any bibliography or references you’ve included are spot on; in short, perfect your document!

I will also make sure the layout is right and your prospective customers or employers know what you’re about.

I can edit any document – large or small – in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office and InDesign. I can also edit PDFs through adding comments. I guarantee I will do this at a reasonable price and when I say I will.

Please take a look at my previous experience and my testimonials if you don’t believe what I say. If you contact my previous customers, they will all tell you I did great work for them!

So I look forward to hearing from you!


9 thoughts on “Ok, so what do you need editing?

  1. You’re so right! Many people have told me they have letters, applications or emails they need to send, but aren’t sure the right way to word or write it. They should all get in touch with you, and I’ll pass the word on!

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