“Fast and well done”

edit, proofread, sub-edit, copy edit

“Responded quickly and finished within an hour”

feedback on editing work

How do I edit my document?

You need to ensure your English is perfect in every document you create. From spelling to punctuation, grammar to syntax, it all needs to be spot on.  Whether you’re aiming to get your letter published, email or blog understood, essay…

“Sara’s editing skills are brilliant”

“Sara is fast, and very, very good at what she does. She is more than a proofreader, her editing skills are brilliant too. I will definitely be using her talents again.” – Ernest Hendricks, Birmingham, UK [edited CV and job…

Editing business builder

edit, sub-edit, copy edit, proofread

Sorry, I’ve been busy!

edit, proofread, sub-edit

“Responded quickly and did a good job on the project”

edit here

I’m working away!

I’m working away, but always need more work.

Editing again!

edit, sub-edit, copy edit, proofread

“Many thanks for your help”

“Many thanks for your help” “I have been through my work, and am very happy with it. Many thanks for your help, and again, your comments on my work are much appreciated.” – Carol Haberman, Braintree, UK [proofread and edited…

I am available!

editor, sub-editor, copy editor, proofreader

I upgraded again!

proofread, edit, sub-edit, copy edit

“Sara did everything I asked”

proofread, edit, sub-edit, copy edit, website

I’ve been rebooked again!

second booking for editing

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