4 comments on “Let me edit for you!”

Let me edit for you!

I know virtually everyone needs something edited. Whether it's a CV that needs updating, letter you've written, email or blog you want to post, essay you're about to submit, article you want to send, new menu you need to have…

2 comments on “Students, bloggers and emailers!”

Students, bloggers and emailers!

Hello everyone. I know you will be writing essays, blogs or emails and so should make sure they're all in perfect English! Having spelling mistakes, bad grammar, typos, etc, is not good and distracts from what you're trying to say.…

2 comments on “Everyone around the world!”

Everyone around the world!

I know I reached out to people in Asia yesterday, but that's because I've had many visitors from there before who seem to have gone away. So now I'm reaching out to the rest of the world, every continent, every…

5 comments on “So, how do I get my proofreading business rolling?”

So, how do I get my proofreading business rolling?

I've not long set up this website and want to attract small businesses (big businesses if they want!), students (whether degree, PhD, doctorate, A-levels), essay writers, blog posters, email senders, article writers, novelists, journalists  ̶  basically anyone who needs any…

2 comments on “I can see you’re looking!”

I can see you’re looking!

I've seen many students are looking at my my website. Some of you have even got in touch with me. Come on now people, it really is time to have that essay or dissertation made perfect! You don't want to…

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