Ok, so what do you need editing?

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So I’m getting some work… but

So I’m getting some work, but very little of it is through this website. So what do I have to get you people to do to hire me? Please feel free to get in touch with me and let me…

Mistakes that were made…

Let’s face it, we all notice mistakes in copy that they really should have fixed. “Thou shalt commit adultery”, from a version of the bible printed in 1631, being a prime example. Oh how they most likely wished I’d saved…

I will make your document make sense!

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Let me help you!

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What you need to do to make your copy perfect

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“Sara is a true expert in proofreading”

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You know you need me!

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“Fast turnaround. Thanks Sara.”

customer feedback

Yet more great feedback!

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Get in touch!

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Come on, get in touch!

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My sister’s flyer!

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The skills I offer you

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