How to make your English read perfectly!

Ok, so you want some tips on how to make your English read well and impress people? The first thing to do is get a good dictionary – either an actual one or an online version – and make sure all…

Come on everyone!

I will check the spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax ‒ in short, make your work make sense and stand out from the crowd!


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My website is going through some changes

Hello everyone, my website is currently undergoing a bit of a revamp. Let me know what you think and how you think it’s going. A few changes have already happened, but some more are to come, so please, let me…

10 mistakes people make when proofreading their own papers

Edit my Essay This is why you need me! 1) Everyone reads their own copy through rose-tinted glasses. But I don’t. I search for any errors there may be and correct them for you. 2) When people write things – whether it’s…

I’ve been editing my site!

Some of you may have noticed some changes to my site recently. I’ve been updating my pages, adding widgets, all sorts. I just want to get more visitors and therefore more business! I know you all need something edited. It…

“Superb writing style and very responsive. Highly recommended.”

Now that’s a great review isn’t it?

I’ve now got a logo!

I’ve got a logo!

You know you want to contact me!

We both know you’re dying to get in touch with me

You know you need some help!

Whether it’s an email, blog, website, essay, letter, article, book, CV or resume,  you know you need help getting it ready to go. This is where I come in! I can make sure all your spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax is…

I know you need something edited!

Everyone needs help with something! Whether it’s an email or blog, business letter or job application, CV or cover letter, article or chapter, essay or dissertation, novel or bibliography, everyone needs something edited! I can sort this all out for…

If you need something edited, here’s where to get it done!

Many of you will have emails, applications, blogs, essays or letters you really should send off. You may think they’re not quite right yet and need a little more work. I can take care of the whole process for you!…

Let me edit your copy!

I guarantee that anyone who contacts me will receive everything I offer

Ok people, tell me!

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