Definition of Editing

Copy editor

What Is the Definition of Editing? The most common answer: correcting misspelt words or adding a comma where it belongs. That's somewhat correct, but only the tip of the iceberg. The editing process involves many sets of eyes and several…

“Thank you for proofreading my essay so quickly”


“Thank you for proofreading my essay so quickly. I am very happy with the changes.” – Emanuela Vendetti, student, Southampton, UK [proofread & cope edited PGCE assignment, February 2020] This is the latest feedback I received from student Emanuela, who…

Commas, Semicolons or Colons?

logo editing

Where and whether to use commas, semicolons and colons can be difficult to understand – even for a professional at times! So I am here to help. Below are some rules for using commas (,), semicolons (;) and colons (:).… window.gapi.ratingbadge.render( ratingBadgeContainer, { // REQUIRED "merchant_id": 117452547, // OPTIONAL "position": "BOTTOM_LEFT" }); }); } Contact
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