Edit whatever you need

I can proofread and edit any copy you need, so please get in touch with details of what you need me to edit for you. It could be a letter, blog, email, CV or resume, essay, dissertation, article, magazine, website or book – I am happy to edit them all.

I can edit any document in the following formats:

  • Word
  • Libre Office
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • InDesign
  • PDF (annotate)

All you need to do is tell me the word count of the document you want me to edit. I will then email you a quotation and we can start to make your document look great! 

I will ensure the following are all perfect:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • syntax

I will also make sure any references or bibliography you’ve included are perfect. I can tidy up the layout, ensure it fits with any guidelines you have and is good to go.

To find out more about my work and the services I offer, please visit my Testimonials or About page.

I guarantee I will give you a great service at a great price, so please get in touch.

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Facebook problems

I’ve had problems recently sharing my posts on Facebook (probably due to Russian oligarchs or something), but I seem to have sorted it now. If you are reading this post on Facebook, please click on the button and visit my site so I know it’s now working. Continue reading “Facebook problems”

I upgraded again!

I have again (maybe stupidly, we shall see) upgraded the plan on my site. Please, everyone, let me know what you think of it. Either add a comment (below) here or click on the feedback link I’ve provided,

I really want this site to work and to gain a lot of new business from it. What’s the point otherwise?

So if you need anything proofread or edited, please get in touch with me. I guarantee I will do a great job for you at a great price. My many previous customers have all left me great feedback, and I promise I will do the same for you.

If you have any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office or InDesign file that needs editing, I can do it for you! I have excellent English-language skills – using both US and UK English – and can sort out any grammar, punctuation, spelling or syntax problems for you.

I can also lay out your document and ensure it’s ready to go to press or be posted!

I guarantee I won’t let anyone down. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mistakes people make when proofreading their own writing

Nobody’s perfect – it’s a shame, but true. So when it comes to proofreading your own writing, you’re bound to overlook things that will be obvious to someone else.

Here are ten tips on ensuring your document is perfect when you send or post it:

1) Everyone reads their own copy through rose-tinted glasses. I don’t – I search for any errors there may be and correct them for you.

2) When people write things – whether it’s an email, blog, essay, article or book – they don’t see the mistakes they’ve made themselves. Yet I do and I correct them.

3) Correct English is not easy to write, I have seen many ‘professional’ publications and websites with mistakes in the English! I notice these things and will change them for you.

4) Words like its and it’stheirs and there’sgrocer’s and grocers’ aren’t easy for everyone to understand. I know what needs to be used and where.

5) Spacing and layout aren’t everyone’s sharp area, but they are mine! I can make your document look great and ready to hit the world!

6) Not everyone is an expert in English spelling, but I am! I can spot spelling mistakes very quickly and make them correct.

7) English grammar – just those words are probably making some of you cover your heads. I understand all the complexities of English grammar and can give you a grammatically perfect document!

8) Knowing the appropriate type of language for a document – email, blog, essay, article, letter or book – isn’t easy. Should it be business-like, professional, academic, friendly or jovial? I can sort that out for you and ensure your syntax follows. Just let me know the audience you want to reach, and I will do the rest.

9) The length of a document matters a great deal. If you’re planning on sending out a business letter or promotion, no one wants to be bombarded with something 50 pages long! On the other hand, if you’re sending out a blog or email, you need to show that you’ve at least taken some time to write it correctly! CVs or resumes of over two A4 pages won’t even be read. Do you see how the length of your document matters?

10) No one will take anything written in incorrect English seriously. Whether it’s a business proposal, business letter, website, email, blog, CV or resume, application or article, nobody will believe what you’re trying to say if it’s full of spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes – in short, it reads badly. I will ensure it doesn’t!

I can ensure your document – email, blog, essay, article, letter, book, CV or resume – reads well and has perfect English!

You have nothing to lose, so contact me, let me know what you want me to edit, and I will get on with the job! I don’t waste people’s time or money, and guarantee I will give you a great service at a great price.

I promise I will not let anyone down, so contact me and let me know what you need!

I look forward to hearing from you!