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Some people do not understand the importance of proofreading or editing their documents. Whether it is an email, blogmagazine or newspaper article, novel, short story, essay, dissertation, legal document, real estate documentation, term paper, website or novel, it is important.

Writing skills are the same as first impressions, especially if you need to use your writing skills for the first time to contact someone new. It could be an application letter to a college/university or an email to a potential employer. It may be a blog you want to send to gain new customers, or an email to potential new clients. In these situations, what you write and how you write it is your chance to leave a lasting good impression on someone you’ve never met before.

When ordering from me, you will receive a complete check of all your work, from the first word to the last full stop. I offer a complete English editing and proofreading service.

What I will do for you:


When prooifreading your document, I will look at the following:

  • Punctuation errors;
  • Spelling errors;
  • Grammatical errors;
  • Typographical errors;
  • Inconsistencies; and
  • Errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage.

Copy editing:

When copy editing your document, I will correct the following:

  • Punctuation errors;
  • Grammatical errors;
  • Spelling errors;
  • Typographical errors and spelling inconsistencies;
  • Sentence structure to assist paragraph flow;
  • Errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage;
  • Errors in sentence structure and word usage;
  • Inconsistencies in storyline details; and
  • Inconsistencies in character details.


  • Lay out and design the document you need, according to your requirements;
  • Ensure the text reads perfectly;
  • Insert any pictures, graphics or logos you require; and
  • Ensure the colours, fonts and text meets all your requirements.
I can edit or proofread any document in the following formats:
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • InDesign
  • Libre Office
  • PDF (annotate)

I know some students wonder, “Who can proofread my essay for me?” I am more than happy to do this work. Many of my testimonials are from students who are all very happy with the work I did for them.

There’s a lot of positive feedback on my Testimonials page, so please take a look to see their comments. There are also reviews on FacebookYellYelpFree Index and My Local Services. I always do my best work when people really need me, so please take a look at the services I offer and get in touch! window.gapi.ratingbadge.render( ratingBadgeContainer, { // REQUIRED "merchant_id": 117452547, // OPTIONAL "position": "BOTTOM_LEFT" }); }); } Contact
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