Editing & Proofreading Services

I provide full editing and proofreading services to whoever needs it.
Whether you are a student, small business, regular emailer or blogger, writer, novelist or journalist, I am here to help.

I am an online copy editor and proofreader of all sorts of documents (articles, essays, emails, blogs, letters, CVs or resumes, dissertations, websites, books) and offer a full service to all my customers, as set out below.


  • Punctuation;
  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Syntax;
  • Verb usage; and
  • Sentence structure and word usage.

Copy editing

  • Punctuation;
  • Grammar;
  • Spelling;
  • Syntax;
  • Sentence restructure to assist paragraph flow, if necessary;
  • Consistency and appropriateness of verb usage;
  • Sentence structure and word usage;
  • Inconsistencies in storyline details; and
  • Inconsistencies in character details.


  • Rewording copy;
  • Changing sentence structure;
  • Paraphrasing text; and
  • Rephrasing sentences so they are different, but have the same meaning.

I will also check through any references or bibliography you may have in your work. I am happy go over a piece again if you are not happy with my initial work.

Get In Touch

All you have to do is send an email or visit my contact page, tell me the word count and type of the document you need edited, attach it if you want and send it. Then I will email you a quotation (my prices are fully negotiable), and we can take it from there! I will then copy edit, proofread or rewrite your document for you.

I guarantee a great service at a very affordable price. Just ask any of my previous customers and they will all vouch for me.

Look forward to hearing from you!

20 thoughts on “Editing & Proofreading Services

  1. Just email prooftheword.com@gmail.com or hit the Contact tab at the top of this page!

    1. This really is all you have to do to get a great editing and/or proofreading service! Just email prooftheword.com@gmail.com or hit the Contact tab at the top of this page!

  2. Haskell, I emailed you a reply to this, so please check there. Thanks.

  3. I’m interested in transforming not only the layout, grammatical aspect, but also I’m working w word and I’d like a professional looking product . Flip book? It’s 10/11 pages

    I’ve edited it 10 times ad nausium but that’s still not my strongsuit.

    Can u turnkey something like this?

    1. I thought I’d replied to you already, but don’t see a reply here, so, sorry! Yes I can certainly work on something like this if it still needs editing! I am available, so please either get in touch through here (though I don’t tend to get notifications) or email prooftheword.com@gmail.com, then I do get notifications! Many thanks.

  4. Do U think that I doest have those qualities is this a crct sentence?

    1. Hi Aafiya, thanks for getting in touch. Your sentence should read: “Do you think I don’t have those qualities? Is this a correct sentence?”

  5. You clearly make a big difference to anyone who needs something edited or proofread. People should be hiring you by the shipload!

    1. Thanks and I hope they do!

      1. I know they will!

        1. Hope you’re right!

          1. I know I am!

  6. It works very well for me

    1. I’m glad you’re happy with what I’ve put Callie, please get in touch if you need anything proofread or edited.

  7. I spent a lot of time to find something like this

    1. Glad you found it at last Margareta! If you need editing or proofreading done, please send it my way.

  8. Thanks for the terrific manual

    1. You’re more than welcome Gabriella!

  9. Let’s hope others agree and get in touch! Thanks.

  10. This explains how to get the job done by you exactly, well done for putting it up!

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