Maybe they’re scared…

Many people are looking at this site, so why don’t they then get in touch so that their documents can be perfected?

Good question! Maybe they’re scared of using a new service or someone they haven’t tried before. Maybe they’re scared of moving to a better service. Maybe they’re scared of saving money. Who knows?! 

It’s a fact that any previous customer you ask will give this site a great review! It’s also a fact that the Facebook and LinkedIn pages of this site add to the testimonials and feedback of the work done.

Full proofreading and editing service to whoever needs it. Whether you are a student, small business, regular emailer or blogger, writer, novelist or journalist, here to help.

Online editor of all sorts of documents (articles, essays, emails, blogs, letters, CVs or resumes, dissertations, websites and books) and offer a full service to all customers, as set out below.


  • Correct punctuation errors;
  • Correct spelling errors;
  • Correct grammatical errors;
  • Correct typographical errors;
  • Correct inconsistencies; and
  • Correct errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage.


  • Correct punctuation errors;
  • Correct grammatical errors;
  • Correct spelling errors;
  • Correct typographical errors and spelling inconsistencies;
  • Sentence restructure to assist paragraph flow, if necessary;
  • Correct errors in consistency and appropriateness of verb usage;
  • Correct errors in sentence structure and word usage;
  • Correct inconsistencies in storyline details; and
  • Correct inconsistencies in character details.

Online essay editor

Will also check through any references or bibliography you may have in your work. Happy to go over a piece again if you are not happy with the initial work.

All you have to do is contact us, let us know the word count and type of the document you need edited, attach it (if you want) and send it. Will then email you a quotation (prices are fully negotiable), and we can take it from there! Will then sub-edit and proofread your document for you to perfection.

Guarantee a great service at a very affordable price. Just ask any previous customers and they will all vouch for this service.

Look forward to hearing from you!

All you have to do is email me at!

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