“Fast and well done”

“Fast and well done, thanks!”
– Lorenzo Marini, Madrid, Spain
[edited blog, December 2017]

The latest review of my work is above. This customer, like all my others, is very happy with the work I did for him.

If you have any letter, email, blog, article, essay, dissertation, thesis, magazine, website or book that needs editing, I can do the work for you. I will ensure the spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax are all perfect. I will sort out any layout issues for you, make sure any bibliography or references are spot on and your document will be ready to go.

I can edit any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office or InDesign document. Just contact me and let me know the type and length of the document. I will then email you my price and how long the work will take me, and we go from there.

To see what some of my other customers think of my work, have a look at my Testimonials page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

8 thoughts on ““Fast and well done”

  1. Hope the work is flooding in!

    1. Flood no, more like a stream.

      1. Well streams, or even trickles, often turn into floods!

        1. Let’s hope so! I await the flood!

          1. May the flood roll in!

            1. Only a little flood please!

  2. I hope you’re getting lots of work! You clearly should be.

  3. Yet another great review! I hope you’re getting lots of work through this site!

All you have to do is email me at prooftheword.com@gmail.com!

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