Social Distancing

No way

The good news is that, as I work remotely, no social distancing is required as I'm already distant! I've been working, a bit, throughout this lockdown, so can edit and proofread anything you need! I have excellent English-language skills, and…

Edit Your Documents

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Clearly in this very troubled time, everyone is looking for answers. You may well be asking "how the hell do I get my document edited?" Could be a CV, essay, thesis, application, article, book or website. The answer is right…

Editing Age

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We’re in The Editing Age Editing is a vital task which all documents need. The title of this interview on Contently’s The Content Strategist says it all: ‘You Need Editors, Not Brand Managers’: Marketing Legend Seth Godin on the Future of…

Really appreciate your editing service

“Thank you, you were so quick! Thank you for your feedback. I already finished all my school work one year ago but for personal reasons have not been able to do this essay yet, and after a long break, writing…

Professional Editing

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Everyone has some document somewhere that needs editing – as in getting the language into shape. It may be a CV or resume, application, email, blog, essay, dissertation, letter, article, potential book or website. Everyone has something they need edited!…

“Looks perfect, thank you so much”


“Looks perfect, thank you so much. I will contact you for sure when I have rest of the essay done, I’m very happy with your service:) Best wishes.” – Miia Kangas, Mallorca, Spain [proofread & edited sections of thesis, May…

Teaching Students About the Importance of Academic Integrity

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More educators than ever are wondering whether academic integrity is now a thing of the past in the wake of the latest high-profile collegiate admissions scandal. As a teacher, how do you teach students to be honest and to act…

Latest Copy Editing Work

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Today I began editing a novel by a woman from Botswana. It's a rather troubling tale about a mother of six children who's savagely beaten by her husband. I'm only a quarter of the way through, but I hope to…

Editing For Those Who Need It

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If you need any document (CV or resume, application, essay, dissertation, article, magazine, book, website, etc) edited or proofread, this is is the place to come to. I have excellent English-language skills, always work quickly and accurately, and guarantee I…

How To Get Published

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With a shrinking book market and a growing corporate emphasis on profits, it has become harder than ever to break into the big leagues of book publishing. These days, the 'big leagues' has dwindled, too, to the Big Five publishers.… window.gapi.ratingbadge.render( ratingBadgeContainer, { // REQUIRED "merchant_id": 117452547, // OPTIONAL "position": "BOTTOM_LEFT" }); }); } Contact
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