I have worked with a wide range of clients on many different types of documents. Here is some of the feedback I’ve received from some of my many happy clients:

“Thank you Sara for editing my work”

Thank you Sara for editing my work, it really helped when I felt stressed about it. You returned it in speedy time, which encouraged me to carry on. Thank you again, you got me through 👍
– Donna Street, psychology student, Southampton
[edited dissertation, November 2020]

“Pleasure to work with, highly recommend her brilliant and efficient style”

Sara is a great professional. Pleasure to work with, highly recommend her brilliant and efficient style. Looking forward to work with you again Sara!”
– Iza Akhun, Canada
[edited & proofread children’s short story, November 2020]

“I recommend her without hesitation”

Sara did a very thorough job in a very short period of time. I was very happy and satisfied with the final product. Sara was very prompt and professional. I recommend her without hesitation.”
– Makram Alamuddin, President of EAU Global Inc, Illinois, USA
[edited & proofread product pitch, November 2020 onwards]

“It looks amazing!”

It actually looks amazing! Thank you so much for it!! I will sort out the references bit. I will drop you another message as soon as my next assignment is due!!”
– Krishan Patel, medical student, Portsmouth, UK
[edited & proofread thesis, October 2020 onwards]

“The letter is brilliant”

The letter is brilliant. I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I’m really pleased with everything. Thank you again for all your help.”
– Gary Adams, Christchurch, UK
[rewrote & edited business letter, September 2020]

“Prooftheword are a pleasure to work with”

Prooftheword are a pleasure to work with. I found Sara to be prompt, professional and straight to the point. I was actually shocked to see how many small errors Sara had noticed that were missed by me and my untrained proofreaders. Thanks again.
– Ashleigh Nugent, RiseUp, UK
[edited & proofread Locks novel, July 2020]

Thank you for looking at my work

“Thank you for looking at my work. If you feel that after looking at the criteria and the essay all is well, I accept your views. It is the first longer piece of work that was required and I was unsure whether it was up to scratch. Moreover, your attendance to my references was much appreciated as I still need to get my head around how to correctly write them up.
– Karl Meyers, student, Wales, UK
[proofread & edited essays, August 2020 onwards]

“Looks perfect, thank you so much”

“Looks perfect, thank you so much. I will contact you for sure when I have rest of the essay done, I’m very happy with your service:) Best wishes.”
– Miia Kangas, Mallorca, Spain
[proofread & edited sections of thesis, May 2020 onwards]

“Thank you for proofreading my essay so quickly”

“Thank you for proofreading my essay so quickly. I am very happy with the changes.”
– Emanuela Vendetti, student, Southampton, UK
[proofread & cope edited PGCE assignment, February 2020]

“Sara is a pleasure to work with – affordable and very reliable”

“I am a children’s author using Sara’s copy editing service. Sara is a pleasure to work with. Affordable and very reliable, quickly ironing out any worries. She delivers promptly and does everything asked of her. Loved the fact that Sara gave me feedback on my work, which was very important to me. I look forward to a long working relationship with Sara.”
– Lois Davis, UK
[copy edited & proofread series of children’s books from February 2020]

“Thank you ever so much”

“Thank you ever so much.”
– Poonam Mehta, Hong Kong
[proofread & edited book, Joyful Journey on a Bumpy Path, November 2019]

“Sara is excellent to work with”

“Sara is excellent to work with. Very efficient and her quality of work is excellent. Would  highly recommend Sara for all types of work.”
– Caitriona McMahon, County Clare, Ireland
[proofread & edited essays, March 2018 onwards]

“Brilliant, thank you so much!”

“Brilliant, thank you so much!”
– Ana Howarth, Vancouver, Canada
[proofread & edited report, September 2019]

“I would like to thank you for being with me throughout this journey”

“As I finished all the graduation requirements, I would like to thank you for being with me throughout this journey. Because of your prompt responses, I didn’t need to worry much while working. Thanks again and all the best.”
– Abdulrahman Buti, UK
[edited & proofread assignments & dissertation, May to September 2019]

“Sara is a pleasure to work with and very speedy!”

“Sara is a pleasure to work with, and very speedy! I would most certainly use her services again, as well as recommend her to others in need of a sharp eye for grammatical details. Five stars.”
– Hannah Harbin, USA
[edited book, April 2017]

“Great job Sara”

“Great job Sara. Very pleased. Thank you so much! :-)”
– Magdalena Seifert, founder of MarketingPeach 
[edited & proofread website copy & blogs, September 2019 onwards]

“Thanks for your great work!”

“Thanks for your great work! I really appreciate it.”
– Kiki Xu, Southampton, UK
[edited & proofread dissertation, August 2019]

“I look forward to working with her soon”

“Sara is a professional and she helped me a lot revising my manuscript. She does exceptional work, fast and efficiently. I would highly recommend her services. I look forward to working with her soon!”
– Effrosyni Mitsopoulou, Southampton, UK
[edited & proofread dissertation, May 2019 onwards]

“Many thanks Sara”

“Sara has proofread three of my Masters assignments in the UK. Her work is neat and she is keen to deliver it very quickly. Many thanks Sara.”
– Abdulrahman Buti, UK
[edited & proofread assignments, May 2019 onwards]

“It has been a pleasure dealing with you”

“Thank you. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. I have two upcoming assignments next week and the week after. I would be happy if you could proofread them as well.”
– Abdulrahman Buti, UK
[edited & proofread assignments, May 2019 onwards]

“Thank you very much for your quick check!”

“Thank you very much for your quick check!”
– Dr Yundan Gong, King’s College London, UK
[edited & proofread CV & personal statement, May 2019]

“I would definitely recommend her services”

“I found Sara Davies of Prootheword through the findaproofreader.com website. I picked Sara because she had the experience that I was looking for, she could work flexibly and her quote for the work I wanted done was reasonable. Sending Sara the work was remarkably hassle-free and she was able to turn it around quickly. I would definitely recommend her services.”
– Irene Shelley, editor-in-chief, Black Beauty & Hair magazine, UK
[copy edit & proofread Black Beauty & Hair magazine, April 2019 to date]

“Quick worker, reliable and helpful”

“Worked with Sara for nearly 2 years and rely on her to edit and send out documentation and submit specialised forms online. Quick worker, reliable and helpful. Happy to recommend this company!”
– Dr James Thornhill, Beech Hill Safety, Nottingham, UK
[complete site documentation and edit documents, April 2017 onwards]

“Sara is hard-working, professional and works to an extremely high standard”

“Sara is hard-working, professional and works to an extremely high standard. I found that nothing was too much for Sara. She works quickly and accurately and her finished copy was absolutely spot on. I will definitely be using Sara’s services again.”
– Arlene Martin, Dignity Magazine, London, UK
[proofread & edit articles, May 2018 onwards]

“I recommend Sara for proofreading projects”

“Once again, Sara provided good and timely services. I recommend her for proofreading projects.”
– Dushyant Gupta, Bangalore, India (Cetas Healthcare)
[proofread and edit business plans, April 2018 onwards]

“Another excellent job”

“Another excellent job. I thank you. Much respect.”
– Ernest Hendricks, Birmingham, UK
[edit CV and job applications, modules and papers, November 2017 onwards]

“Your work is precise, thorough and accurate”

“Absolutely delighted with your services Sara. I’ve been looking for a new proofreader for a few months now and am so glad I found you. What I particularly love is the fast, responsive service – you just get on with it. I know that when I log back in there will be a friendly email waiting for me. It’s also good that you invoice me once a month – instead of per job – which helps to reduce my admin.  Your work is precise, thorough and accurate. Perfect. Thank you!”
– Tam Henderson, Cambridge, Gather Creative, UK
[proofread and edit marketing copy, January 2018 onwards]

“Very good service!”

“Thanks Sara, very good service!”
– Elvis Gabriel, Reading, UK
[proofread and edited wife’s CV and cover letter, March 2018]

“Many thanks for your prompt work”

“Many thanks for your prompt work and getting it back to me on time. Thanks too for the great proofing and amends – really helpful.”
– Jean Collingword, CEO, Ingenious Group, Kingston Upon Hull, UK
[edited reports, February 2018 onwards]

“Very satisfied”

“Working with Sara was smooth and easy. I look forward to working with her again soon.”
– Sonia Poleon, manager, Coulsdon, UK
[edited and proofread Blind Spot anthology using InDesign, February 2018]

“Sara was very professional and accommodating”

“Sara was very professional and accommodating, while working to tight deadlines at unsociable hours. I highly recommend her and will be using her services again. Thanks Sara!”
– Rebecca Pearson, Eloquence Works, Canterbury, UK
[proofread proposals, January 2018 onwards]

“Absolutely superb service”

“Absolutely superb service and the turnaround was amazing. Thanks Sara!”
– Tam Henderson, Cambridge, Gather Creative, UK
[proofread and edit copy, January 2018 onwards]

“Sara provides an excellent editing service”

“Sara provides an excellent editing service. Recommended.”
– Celia Cheung, Chinese to English translator, China
[edit translations, December 2017 onwards]

“Professional, quick and efficient”

“Professional, quick and efficient when it comes to planning and email exchange.”
– Eliza Bonecka, marketing manager, Southalls, UK
[edited marketing emails and social media updates, December 2017 onwards]

“Fast and well done”

“Fast and well done, thanks!”
– Lorenzo Marini, Madrid, Spain
[edited blog, December 2017]

“Responded quickly and finished within an hour”

“Responded quickly and finished within an hour. Thank you so much.”
– Benita Cheng, London, UK
[edited personal statement for Masters application, December 2017]

“Sara’s editing skills are brilliant”

“Sara is fast, and very, very good at what she does. She is more than a proofreader, her editing skills are brilliant too. I will definitely be using her talents again.”
– Ernest Hendricks, Birmingham, UK
[edited CV and job application, November 2017 onwards]

“Did a good job”

“Responded quickly and did a good job on the project”
– Dushyant Gupta, Bangalore, India (Cetas Healthcare)
[proofread and edited questionnaires, November 2017 onwards]

“Many thanks for your help”

“I have been through my work, and am very happy with it. Many thanks for your help, and again your comments on my work are much appreciated.”
– Carol Haberman, Braintree, UK
[proofread and edited book, October 2017]

“Sara did everything I asked”

“Sara did everything I asked her to do.”
– Marjorie Green, London, UK
[edited web pages for finallyslimforever.co.uk, October 2017]

“Thanks very much for your help”

“Thanks very much for your help this month – it’s all gone really smoothly.”
– Gill Brabham, Production Director, ITE Moda, UK
[sub-edited magazines and other things since September 2017]

“Neat job!”

“Neat job! Thank you so much.”
– Stephen James, Romford, UK
[proofread and edited letter, September 2017]

“Marvellous editing!”

“Marvellous editing! Thank you so much!”
– Osman Açikgöz, Kayseri, Turkey
[edited novel, August 2017]

“We would love to use your services”

“We are pleased to say that we would love to use your services. If you are happy to accept work today we will start now if that is okay?”
– Nick Dowling, Creative Director, Exceptional Thinking, UK
[proofread and edit emails, literature, etc, since August 2017]

“Prompt and very fast turnaround”

“Prompt and very fast turnaround with accurate spotting of grammatical mistakes. Thank you Sara.”
– Batool Da, London, UK
[proofread and edited report of dissertation, August 2017]

“I strongly recommend Sara’s work”

“Sara’s editing changed my book manuscript from a pretty good document into an eminently readable one. I strongly recommend Sara’s work and from now on she will be my ‘go to’ person when I am in need of more editing and proofreading. Thank you Sara.”
Chalky White, Colorado, US
[proofread and edited book, June to July 2017]

“Fast turnaround”

“Fast turnaround. Thanks Sara.”
– Louis Barker, Chepstow, UK
[proofread and edited company brochure, June 2017]

“Sara is a true expert in proofreading”

“Sara is a true expert in proofreading. I would recommend her to anyone!”
– Janez Tratnik, Ljubjana, Slovenia
[proofread and edited letter, May 2017]

“Sara is an excellent professional

“Sara is an excellent professional, she did fast and excellent work with my document project. Highly recommended!”
‒ Naggib Janssen, California, US
[proofread and edited document, April 2017]

“Delivered on time and as agreed”

“Great job editing a document. Delivered on time and as agreed. Would recommend.”
‒ Elizabeth Hetherington, London, UK
[edited document, April 2017]

“Pleasure to work with”

“Sara is a pleasure to work with, and very speedy! I would most certainly use her services again, as well as recommend her to others in need of a sharp eye for grammatical details. Five stars.”
‒ Hannah Harbin, Virginia, US
[proofread and gave feedback on first chapter of novel, April 2017]

“Highly recommended”

“Great work, highly recommended and a million thanks.”
‒ Omkoldoum Alhadad, UK
[proofread and edited essay, March 2017]

“Excellent job”

“Excellent job, finished on time. Hire Sara, forget the rest!”
‒ Rhyan O’Sullivan, Hove, UK
[proofread and edited online course for the TEFL Academy, February to March 2017]

“Sara is an excellent and reliable editor”

“Sara is an excellent and reliable editor. She edited my text within 24 hours and I am very pleased with the result. Thank you Sara.”
– Kay Tamamian, New Rochelle, US
[proofread and edited short text, 2016]

“Brilliant as always”

“Sara has been brilliant as always. The work was done within the deadline and with high responsibility. I will deal with Sara again and do recommend her.”
‒ Xenia Grec, London, UK
[proofread many book synopses from July 2015 to present]

“Excellent work

“Very efficient and excellent work! Thanks.”
‒ Claire Nam, London, UK
[edited essays, February 2017 onwards]

“Very prompt”

“Very prompt and did the job within a very tight deadline. Would use again for future jobs.”
‒ Lovey Mandair, Birmingham, UK
[edited brochure in InDesign plus other jobs, February 2017 onwards]

“Great attention to detail”

“Good job, great attention to detail and timely delivery. I will definitely recommend Sara!”
‒ Amara Ukachukwu, Kidderminster, UK
[edited and proofread thesis, January 2017]

“Completed the job perfectly”

“Great communication, very straightforward to work with and completed the job perfectly. We will be using Sara again next time!”
‒ Adam Hovey, Milton Keynes, UK
[edited business emails, January 2017 onwards]

“Highly recommended”

“Superb writing style and very responsive. Highly recommended.”
‒ Robert Woodford, Principal Consultant and Director, GKS Associates, UK
[write and edit company bios and copy for websites, December 2016 onwards]

Brilliant at deadlines!!!

‒ Rachel Burrowes, Managing Director, Junior Jam, UK
[proofread inserts to web copy many times, November 2016 onwards]

Such a fast worker and really strong writer!”

‒ Danny Levy, Essex, UK
[edited and updated CV, November 2016]

“Patient and timely with her edits and proofing”

“Sara was patient and timely with her edits and proofing of our newly released book that just hit the Amazon Best Seller, under the category Buying and Selling Homes, on Monday when it was released for sale. Thanks Sara!”
Angela Brooks-Osborne, OTB Marketing and Design, Toronto, Canada
[proofread and edited Home Staging: The Power That Sells Real Estate, October 2016]

“Very prompt, friendly and professional!”

“Very prompt, friendly and professional”
‒ George Bett, Director, GB Consult, Guernsey, UK
[proofread and edited website copy and blogs many times, August 2016 onwards]

“First rate editor”

“First rate editor, highly recommend. Ethical, diligent and delivers what and when she says she will.”
Mark McGovern, Wokingham, UK
[edited and proofread legal papers, February to April 2016]

Fantastic job”

“Sara has done a fantastic job and I look forward to working with her again.”
‒ Sylvia Powell, Managing Director, Kempstone Media, UK
[edited Africa Policy Review, May 2016 onwards]

“Great job, thanks!”

Chris Melody, designer, Crux Publishing, UK
[edited 75,000-word book, plus many other books, February 2016 onwards]

“Thank you

“Thank you Sara for your support and easy-going approach to helping me advertise my website. I will personally use your services again and recommend you to others. Stress, what stress? Thank you.”
Donna Street, Evolve Counselling, Southampton, UK
[edited and added keywords to website, www.evolvecounselling.net, August 2016]

“Amazing job”

“Absolute pleasure to work with, amazing job. Thank you!”
Kelly Crosswell, Southampton, UK
[proofread and edited essay, January 2016]

Excellent work”

“Excellent work completed way before the deadline. Will definitely use her services again.”
Frank Castle (Sabaware), Morden, UK
[proofread and edited many essays, January 2016 onwards]

“Gave a great service”

“Sara turned my work around really quickly and, despite the format of my documents being difficult, gave a great service. Will definitely use her services again.”
Matthew B, Hemel Hempstead, UK
[proofread and edited brochure and case study PDF, April 2015]

“She sees everything”

“Great job! Argus lost his eyes to Sara, she sees everything.”
Ernst Korke, Berlin, Germany
[proofread and edited many essays, June 2015 onwards]

“True pro. Awesome”

“True pro. Awesome”
Steven Walker, Chisinau, Moldova
[proofread and edited many web documents, July 2015 onwards]

“Delivers great work”

“Great to work with. Delivers great work and communicates fast. Definitely recommended!”
Bauke Roesink, Groningen, Netherlands
[proofread and edited many documents, May 2015 onwards]

“Very professional”

“Excellent to work with, very professional and replies really fast. Will definitely work with again.”
Tony Green, London, UK
[proofread and edited legal essay, January 2015]

“Would definitely hire her again.”

“Very professional approach. Sara was at all times eager to perform the best service by seeking additional information. Would definitely hire her again.”
Walter Cairns, Blackpool, UK
[formatted and edited CV and cover letter, March 2015]


  1. Thank you Sara for proofreading my work it really helped when I felt stressed about it. You returned it in speedy time, which encouraged me to carry on….thank you again, you got me through 👍

  2. So many customers love the work I do and this page proves it. If you’d like some great editing or proofreading yourself, all you have to do is hit the Contact tab at the top of this page or email prooftheword.com@gmail.com – I will happily work on your document for you.

  3. Just to let everyone know, this page doesn’t look the way it looks when I edit! The spacing is clearly all over the place and that isn’t down to me or anything I’ve done wrong. I keep trying to fix things (for example, my latest testimonial at the top of this page, what’s going on?), blame WordPress for this!

  4. Your very positive feedback keeps on coming! Clearly you’re doing great work for people and businesses! Why you’re not inundated with work I do not understand.

  5. These testimonials speak for themselves and do more than anything to convince me to use your services and to recommend them to others.

  6. Thank you Sara, and yes will email you asap, just waiting on a couple of things from the US.

  7. It’s good to see you keep updating your feedback. Good to know you’re keeping busy! I hope you’re kept busy with lots of work regularly and will use your editing services as soon as I need them!

    1. Yes, I’m pretty busy at the moment, but can always fit more work in! Just let me know what you need editing, I will let you when I can get the work done by and there you go!

  8. Sara is a pleasure to work with, and very speedy! I would most certainly use her services again, as well as recommend her to others in need of a sharp eye for grammatical details. Five stars 🙂

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