How do I edit my document?

You need to ensure your English is perfect in every document you create. From spelling to punctuation, grammar to syntax, it all needs to be spot on. 

Whether you’re aiming to get your letter published, email or blog understood, essay to be passed, article to be accepted or novel to be published – your English has to be clear!

That requires a clear understanding of the English language. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax are all important. Any one of these done wrong will put people off reading further and harm your chances of going further.

Imagine you opened an email that read: “Helo everyone, Id like to make you a grate offer.” Would you read on? Or would you just trash the email and continue to the next one? I know I would be in the latter group!

The English you put out there matters! That’s why you can’t just hope for the best or try your luck when sending out written English. No matter how much people may say they don’t notice spelling and punctuation errors, they really do when it’s right in front of them!

So it’s important that any document you send out there reads correctly. People don’t tend to buy from a seller who can’t spell, or accept an article from a writer who can’t write.

I can help you with all of this! My English-language skills are second to none and I can prove that to you! My previous customers all tell of the great work I do and I can do that for you too!

If you don’t believe me, then take a look at my experience. My Facebook, People Per Hour and LinkedIn profiles speak for themselves, as does my IAPWE (International Association of Professional Writers and Editors) listing.

All you have to do is contact me, let me know the word count and type of your document (I can only add notes to PDF files, but edit in any way Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Libre Office and InDesign files), and we can take it from there.

I will let you know the price by email (I accept bank transfer or PayPal payments) and that’s it! I will do the work in the time I say I will and send the edited document back to you. I am then happy to make any amendments you may require. The vast majority of my customers are happy with what I send them, but I am always happy to amend anything required.

You have nothing to lose but your poor English! I look forward to hearing from you.

6 thoughts on “How do I edit my document?

  1. I like it all too! You speak good sense Bob!

    1. You speak such good sense – everyone should be reading your site and have you in mind whenever they need a perfect document or article sent out!

  2. I like the straightforward, no nonsense approach of this site. I would be very confident using this service.

    1. Thanks Bob, much appreciated!

  3. Really good post & really helpful! I hope people are reading this!

    1. I really hope so too! Everyone who reads my site helps!

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