How To Hire a Professional Editor

The easiest way to find a professional editor is to use a search engine. Search engines will most likely take you to editors’ websites or agencies’ websites. You can then go through each one and see which ones offer the services you are looking for.

When doing this, you should check the type of editing you require – proofreading, copy editing or content editing – along with the rates the various editors do the work for. You should also check any references or testimonials the editors have, their work history and their previous experience.

Many editors will have contact forms or enquiry forms for you to fill out. Here you can usually specify the length of your document and type of editing you require. You should be as detailed as you can here. For example, if you have a deadline, let the editor know about this. Also, if there is a particular style (such as Harvard, Chicago, MLA, APA and so on) or format your document needs to follow, you should specify it here.

There are many agencies out there which offer editing services. These agencies work with a range of editors, so you can be sure they will have an editor who fits your needs and who will be able to edit your work within your specified time frame. You could, of course, ask me to edit your document for you.

It is important that you have faith in the editor before you hire them and trust that they will do an excellent job for you. Many editors offer a free revision service if you are not entirely happy with the initial work, as do I. If you have any specific requirements that have not been met, you should make a note of them so that the editor knows.

Before hiring an editor, you should also check the payment methods they accept. Most editors will accept payments by debit card or credit card, many accept PayPal payments and by bank transfer. There are new payment methods coming up all the time (Worldpay, Stripe, Apple Pay, and so on), so make sure you are able to use one of your chosen editors’ accepted payment methods. I accept bank transfer, debit and credit cards, along with PayPal.

As well as payment, you should check how long you have to pay. Many editors require payment of half the total when they begin the work, with the final half due once they have completed the work – my preferred payment method. Editors who work alone will often do this as this method allows them to have faith that the bill will be paid in full. Whatever time you have to pay the bill, it is important that you fulfil this, as failure to pay may mean you will be blacklisted by the site.

In conclusion, before you hire an editor, make sure you know exactly what sort of editing you are looking for and the time frame the editing has to be done by. You should also look into the experience and expertise of the editor you hire. Editing is an important job, so be sure you give the work to someone you trust.

If you have any questions about the English language or need help getting your document into shape, then please get in touch with me. I will sort out all the English on every document you have and make sure it uses perfect English!

All you have to do is mail me at or visit my contact page.

I guarantee a great service at a great price, so please get in touch.

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  2. All you have to do is hit the contact button at the top of the page or email I guarantee I will do a great job for you, but if you’re not happy, just let me know and I’ll try to sort it all out for you. Go on, hit that button!

All you have to do is email me at!

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