How to make your English read perfectly!

Ok, so you want some tips on how to make your English read well and impress people?

The first thing to do is get a good dictionary – either an actual one or an online version – and make sure all the words are spelt correctly! While many people don’t notice spelling mistakes, many (and I mean many!) people do and don’t view it favourably.

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Second, ensure your punctuation and grammar are both spot on! Those of you who aren’t English experts will probably need some help with this – whether that comes from a friend, guide book or expert is your choice.

Third, your choice of words (ie, syntax) matters a lot! For example, if you’re writing a business letter or proposal, you don’t want to open with: “Hi X, great catching up with you!”. A more appropriate opener would be: “Dear Mr/Mrs X,” or “Dear Sir/Madam,” if you don’t know their name. Language that is too familiar in a formal document just does not work. Similarly, overly formal language in a jovial or friendly document doesn’t work either.

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Obviously, the layout and presentation of your document is another thing to keep in mind. Nobody likes to get a ton of blank pages accompanied by one page of actual text, or having to scroll down forever to find the actual text they need – so the layout matters.

Of course, you could sort all this out in one simple step and get in touch with me! I will ensure your spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and layout are all exactly what’s needed. If you’re in any doubt about me, just ask any of the people I’ve done a great job for and ask them!

I look forward to you contacting me!

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9 thoughts on “How to make your English read perfectly!

  1. Everyone should visit this site if they need something edited or proofread! You clearly do excellent work and provide a great service at a great price!

    1. This comment is very true! I do all the above and guarantee a great service!

      1. You have to sell yourself more!

        1. I know, but I’m already paying for Google and Bing ad services. I can’t afford much more at the moment!

          1. When you can, go for it!

            1. I will when I can.

              1. Good to know.

  2. Please keep it all in mind when you next need something editing! I am here and always happy to help!

  3. You cover some very salient points here! Something to keep in mind!

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