drowning in edits

I know many of you are looking…

So why don’t you contact me?! I am available around the clock and know I can help you with whatever document you need to send, post or publish.

I will proofread and edit any document – essay, dissertation, thesis, CV or resume, article, magazine, book, letter, email or blog – to perfection and email it back to you in pristine condition.

I will also sort out the formatting if you require (layout of pages, paragraphs, etc). Plus, I will ensure any bibliography or references you include are spot on and read as they should!

What more could you ask for my exceptional prices?! If you don’t believe I will do what I say I will do, then please check out the feedback from my previous customers or email any of the people I’ve worked for before. They will all tell you I did a great job for them!

I may as well leave it there, so I will. But I look forward to hearing from you!