drowning in edits

“They would like to dedicate their work to their family and relatives… ”

“They would like to dedicate their work to their family and relatives for being an encourager and a supporter.”

I was sent the above (along with quite a lot more) by someone today as a message from this site. However, this message didn’t include an email address or any details for me to get in touch with whoever sent it (twice).

I would be more than happy to edit either just the text you sent me or the whole piece if what you sent was just the beginning. BUT I cannot get in touch with you if you don’t include your email address in your message!

My contact page asks you to include your email address and this is why! I need to be able to get in touch with you if you want me to edit or proofread any document or text you send me!

Once you do, I will email you a quote for my work and we can get started on making your document ready for anything!

My many previous customers speak for themselves on the great work I do for people. My previous experience and education also tell you a lot about me as a professional. 

So please, whoever sent me a message today beginning with the text at the start of this post, get in touch with me and include your email address. I guarantee I can help you make your document perfect!