I will make your document make sense!

Hi there. I can make any document you send me read perfectly. There will be no spelling, grammar, punctuation or syntax mistakes. No wrongly put references or bibliographies. In short, it will be perfect.

Essay Corrector

I realise many of you probably think your document reads perfectly as it is. Yet the number of wrongly spelt CVs and resumes, application letters, menus, catalogues, TV guides and magazines I’ve seen is innumerable. I’m sure they all believed their documents read perfectly too!

Whatever document you have – essay, dissertation, article, letter, blog, application, CV or resume, magazine, website or book – I am here to help I am an excellent essay corrector and have sorted many students’ essay, dissertations and theses. I can check through any bibliographies or references and ensure they are all perfect.

At the end of the day, you NEED an editor to ensure your document is up to the standard required. If your essay, CV or resume has a wrongly spelt word, bad grammar or punctuation, it really won’t impress. Similarly, if your job application is full of errors, your potential employer won’t even give you the courtesy of an interview.

Using sites such as Grammarly really won’t give you what you need. In much the same way as online translation sites don’t provide realistic translations, these sites only give you a very basic improvement of what you’ve written.

You need someone who knows and understands the English language throughout, how it’s used properly in day-to-day life and the mistakes that writers of English often make.

This is where an actual human comes in! Someone who knows and understands English, knows all about spellings and the various ones that are used and when, the idiosyncrasies of English grammar and punctuation – basically, someone who knows English inside out.

That person is me! I can sort out any document you want to send me – email, blog, essay, article, CV or resume, magazine, memoir or book – and send it back to you in perfect form. I don’t just promise this – I guarantee it!

I am happy to be your essay corrector. Just let me know the style your essay is meant to follow and any guidelines you’ve been given.

Feel free to check out my Facebook, LinkedIn and People Per Hour pages to see what people I’ve worked for think about what I’ve done! Or get in touch with anyone on my Testimonials page.

Then, all you have to do is contact me and let me know the word count of the document you would like me to edit. I will send you a quote by email as soon as possible, and we can take it from there!

I don’t rip people off or promise things I won’t do. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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2 thoughts on “I will make your document make sense!

  1. Everyone should want you to ensure their documents (whatever they may be) make sense! People of the world! Hire this woman!

  2. You all know you want to get in touch with me, so please do!

All you have to do is email me at prooftheword.com@gmail.com!

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