Mistakes that were made…

No way

Let’s face it, we all notice mistakes in copy that they really should have fixed. “Thou shalt commit adultery”, from a version of the bible printed in 1631, being a prime example. Oh how they most likely wished I’d saved them from the gallows! The man who was responsible for it died behind bars not long after.

But we all make mistakes! This where I can save you from the gallows! It may be funny for readers, but it really won’t do your reputation as a responsible writer/blogger/emailer/journalist/student any favours. It’s important that you present your pieces accurately and without linguistic mistakes!

I can sort this all out for you. I am happy to edit any essay, CV or resume, article, email, blog, website, dissertation, magazine or book you may need editing. I will sort out your spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax and ensure your document is ready to be posted or published.

Plus, I will give you all of this at a very reasonable price! My prices are always negotiable, so all you have to do is get in touch and let me know your needs.

I guarantee I will do a great job for you, without a doubt. If you don’t believe me, please check with any of the people I’ve worked for before. I’ve had great feedback from everyone I’ve worked for, so I don’t doubt they will tell you I’m good.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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I am a fully qualified proofreader and sub-editor with over 19 years' experience in the publishing industry. I am now a full-time freelance proofreader and sub-editor, and am available to sub-edit and proofread anything you need! Please get in touch.

4 thoughts on “Mistakes that were made…

  1. I must admit I’ve made a good few howlers in my time, so that all makes very good sense to me.

All you have to do is email me at prooftheword.com@gmail.com!

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