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More business please!

I set up this website nine months ago, and still want to attract small businesses (big businesses if they want!), students (whether GCSE, A-level, degree, PhD, doctorate), essay writers, blog posters, email senders, article writers, novelists, journalists   ̶ basically anyone who needs any document edited and proofread.

I want to provide a service to as many people as possible, but getting the word out there is proving to be hard.

We’ve all been to websites where we see dodgy English and wonder why they didn’t get someone to check it for them (maybe that’s just me, I check all the English that’s put in front of me!). You must have seen a menu in a restaurant or takeaway with a major spelling mistake? I want to stop this happening!

I can proofread and edit any email, blog, menu, essay, letter or website text that you want. I can ensure that your English is perfect and you reach the maximum number of people you can.

Google and other search don’t check spelling – as in, they don’t search for words that are spelt incorrectly. So if a term is spelt incorrectly on your website and that is the key term you want people to search for, it won’t be found. I do check spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax – the whole lot – so your page or site will be far more likely to be found if I work on it for you.

So get in touch with me! I can help you or your business have perfect English, bring in new customers and make you the envy of your rivals. Just look at my testimonials to see what people I’ve already worked for have to say. Come on! Let me make all of your documents great to read. I guarantee I can do it!