Feedback pages

Some of you may have noticed that my feedback pages haven’t had any forms for a while, just links to go to. Continue reading “Feedback pages”

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“Prompt and very fast turnaround”

“Prompt and very fast turnaround with accurate spotting of grammatical mistakes. Thank you Sara.” Continue reading ““Prompt and very fast turnaround””


How to make your document read right

So you’ve written an essayarticle, blog, application letter, CV or resume, email for clients or prospective novel. You want to just send it out or post it, so you just do that, right? WRONG! Continue reading “How to make your document read right”

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Don’t let your post be lost

Many of you may be posting blogs, sending out emails or posting things on websites and, by including a few choice words, may hope it will be picked up by social media, websites, etc. Continue reading “Don’t let your post be lost”

Everyone strongly recommends me!

I am doing great work for other people, so let me do some for you! Whatever you need proofreading or editing – email, blog, letter, article, CV or resume, job or placement application, magazine or book – I can do the work for you. Continue reading “Everyone strongly recommends me!”

Changes to my site

I made a few changes to my site yesterday, so thought I’d tell you about them. Continue reading “Changes to my site”

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“I strongly recommend Sara’s work”

“Sara Davies’ editing changed my book manuscript from a pretty good document into an eminently readable one. I strongly recommend Sara’s work and from now on she will be my ‘go to’ person when I am in need of more editing and proofreading. Thank you Sara.” Continue reading ““I strongly recommend Sara’s work””

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I know many of you are looking…

So why don’t you contact me?! I am available around the clock and know I can help you with whatever document you need to send, post or publish. Continue reading “I know many of you are looking…”

Ok, so what do you need editing?

I know you all have them – things you meant to send out, post or publish in some way. It could be a letter, application, CV, essay, article, email or blog. Continue reading “Ok, so what do you need editing?”


So I’m getting some work… but

So I’m getting some work, but very little of it is through this website. So what do I have to get you people to do to hire me? Continue reading “So I’m getting some work… but”