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1 comment on “Small businesses across the world”

Small businesses across the world

Hi there, I know many businesses want to attract English-speaking customers, yet have problems with the English they have on their websites. I've seen it, so know it happens! I can help to improve the English used on your website.…

3 comments on “Small business websites looking for English-speaking customers”

Small business websites looking for English-speaking customers

I know there are many small businesses across the world which are looking to attract English-speaking customers. The English used on these sites can be poor, so not look professional. I can make your site look more professional and appealing…

2 comments on “Why not get your proofreading done here?”

Why not get your proofreading done here?

Hello everybody! I know everyone, from emailers to bloggers, students to would-be novelists, business owners to start ups, has some document where they know the English needs improving. Be it an article, letter, email, blog, book, business card, CV or resume, cover letter,…