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Hello everybody!

I know everyone, from emailers to bloggersstudents to would-be novelists, business owners to start ups, has some document where they know the English needs improving.

Be it an article, letter, email, blog, book, business card, CV or resume, cover letter, menu, essay or dissertation, you know it needs doing, so please let me help you to do it!

I guarantee I can turn your mundane dialogue into spectacular copy! I can make your English top notch, correct any errors there may be and make you wow the editors, readers, reviewers and markers. Your email and blog readers will be impressed with your grammatical phrasing and excellent English! Your essay markers will be stunned by your command of the English language! Your proofreading customers will no longer be amazed by the misspelt words on your menu (I know, I’ve been in that pub or restaurant)!

I will do a great job for anyone who gets in touch with me, so please do. Just click here and the job is done. You know you want to.

Thank you.