“Sara is a true expert in proofreading”

“Sara is a true expert in proofreading. I would recommend her to anyone!”
– Janez Tratnik, Ljubjana, Slovenia
[proofread and edited letter, May 2017]

Janez knows how good I am, so why don’t you?! I really am an expert in this field. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been in bars and restaurants and noticed mistakes on their menus or signs. The same goes for shops, websites and emails I’ve seen. Blogs, marketing emails, magazines, books, the list goes on…

But you really don’t have to let your website, blog, email, article, essay, dissertation, CV or resume, magazine or book fall into this trap! I can help you ensure your grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax and layout are all great! If you have any references or bibliographies, I will check them all too.

In short, you will be getting a top notch editorial service at a great price. I charge per 1,000 words, so you will know the sort of price I’ll charge even before you send me your document. I give discounts on bigger jobs, so just contact me and I will give you a price for the work you want me to do.

All of the people I’ve worked for in the past will tell you I did great work for them. I take pride in the work I do, and always ensure I go beyond people’s expectations. I guarantee I will deliver on the promises I give.

So please get in touch with me and I will turn whatever document you send me into perfection. Guaranteed.

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6 thoughts on ““Sara is a true expert in proofreading”

  1. A “true expert” is what everyone wants! Hire this woman people! She’ll do a great job for you!

    1. She’s so right everyone! I will do a great job for anyone who hires me! Guaranteed!

      1. Go on, book her!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Site Title and commented:
    Why not choose a true expert to edit your work?!

  3. This says it all, so why the hell are you still needing more work?! Surely you have plenty by now, or are people that stupid?! Hire her people! She does great work!

  4. “True expert” sounds pretty good to me! This should certainly convince everyone to book your services! If it doesn’t, I really don’t get people.

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