“Sara is an excellent professional”

“Sara is an excellent professional, she did fast and excellent work with my document project. Highly recommended!”
‒ Naggib Janssen, California, US
[proofread and edited document, April 2017]

This guy tells you all just how good I am – you should believe him and get in touch with me with all your editing needs right away! Whatever type of document you need editing – be it an email, blog, letter, CV or resume, article, essay, dissertation, website or book – I will edit it for you.

I will ensure the spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax are all correct. I will check any references or bibliographies you have. I will make sure the layout and page size are right. In short, I will make your document perfect and ready for posting, publication or submission.

But don’t take my word for it, ask any of the people who’ve left me feedback! They are all more than happy with the work I’ve done for them and I guarantee you will be too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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5 thoughts on ““Sara is an excellent professional”

  1. I hope you’re visitors and customers are growing massively.

    1. My visitors are certainly growing! Customers are but not as much. Book me everyone!

      1. I’m sure it will happen in time.

  2. You’re clearly a great editor and people should be flocking to you!

  3. Sara has worked with me on several occasions and always provides an excellent service.

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