“Sara was very accommodating and flexible to my needs.”

“Sara was very accommodating and flexible to my needs. The quality of her work was good and it was returned quickly, always within the agreed deadlines. I will be using Sara’s services again and would recommend her to a friend or colleague.”
– Rebecca Pearson, Eloquence Works, Canterbury, UK
[proofread job proposals, January 2018 onwards]

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10 thoughts on ““Sara was very accommodating and flexible to my needs.”

  1. Hope you’re rushed off your feet with work now!

    1. Wouldn’t call it rushed, more steady.

  2. I’ll do my very best!

  3. Hope you’ve got more views of your site and more work coming in!

    1. I’ve certainly got a lot more views, still looking for more clients!

      1. I’m sure you’ll get loads more work. Your reviews speak for themselves!

        1. I hope so! Please get in touch with anyone you know who may need something edited and give them my contact details and website address. This goes out to anyone who reads this!!!

  4. Great comment, yet again! Well done you!

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