No way

Social Distancing

The good news is that, as I work remotely, no social distancing is required as I’m already distant! I’ve been working, a bit, throughout this lockdown, so can edit and proofread anything you need!

I have excellent English-language skills, and always work work quickly and accurately. I’ve received very positive feedback from all the people I’ve worked with so far and intend to keep it that way – a happy customer tends to be a returning customer!

Everyone has something they need edited! But you may be unsure about where to go, unsure of what price you should pay for the service, unsure of everything basically.

I can help with all of that! I provide a full editing and proofreading service at a very reasonable price. Also, I will sort out all the grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax of your document, adhere to any styles (APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc) required and go over the work again if you want. I want my clients to be satisfied, so am happy to do whatever is required, within reason of course.

I currently have some work going on, but am always happy to do more. All you have to do is get in touch and I will certainly get back to you.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about the English language or need help getting your document into shape. If so, then please get in touch with me. I will sort out all the English on every document you have and make sure it contains perfect English!

There are reviews of my work on findaproofreader.comYellYelp and on my Testimonials page (which is just beneath the Blogs page when you hover over it) there is feedback from my many happy clients.

All you have to do is email me at or visit my contact page to get your editing done to an exceptional level.

I guarantee a great service at a great price, so please get in touch.