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Hey there everyone! Just to let you know, I’ve added a new sub-page to my About page, just to explain my services more fully. The Editing and Proofreading Services button on the dropdown menu will take you there (it doesn’t appear with the link I tried to put, so just click on that on the dropdown menu that appears when you hover over the About button).

I hope it explains everything in more detail, but it probably just repeats things I’ve put on here before. We can’t all be perfect!

Alternatively, you could just contact me and let me know what you need me to edit! All I need to know is the word count and type of document it is, then we can go! I guarantee a great service at a great price, so what more do you want?

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9 thoughts on “New page update

  1. I hope the work is now flooding in!

    1. Not flooding, but definitely flowing.

      1. Good, but I’m sure it will grow.

        1. Let’s hope so!

          1. I know it will happen!

            1. Really hope you’re right, or this is a waste of my time and money!

              1. This site isn’t a waste of anything! It’s a very valuable tool for anyone who needs something edited!

  2. Yet again, I really don’t understand why people aren’t getting in touch with you, unless the whole world’s gone mad. Get in touch people!

  3. It’s all true you know! I will do a great editing and proofreading job for whoever gets in touch with me, guaranteed!

All you have to do is email me at!

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