Updated Proofread/Copy Edit Prices

Today I updated my Prices page, giving my customers the option to pay by the hour rather than by word count if they prefer.

Personally, I prefer to charge by word count. That way, I can give my clients a price upfront, however long it may take me to complete the work. But I appreciate some people prefer to pay by the hour, so I’ve given them that option.

I will still require an upfront payment for big jobs if a customer asks for payment by the hour, but will have to estimate that by the word count (I ask for half the cost). Clearly, if the job takes longer than predicted, then the second invoice (when I send the edited document back to you) will be a higher price than the first. But if my estimation was too high, then my second invoice will be lower than the first.

My updated Prices page is below.

Why me?

I guarantee 100% satisfaction – I will do the copy editing or proofreading job I say I will do, within the time I say I will.

I work my prices out at a flat rate per thousand words – so you know exactly how much the editing will cost in advance – or per hour if you prefer, with no hidden fees or charges. If the work you want edited is less than 1,000 words, I am happy to edit it, but my basic charge is £15 ($20 or €17).

If you prefer, I am happy to charge by an hourly rate (all my prices are set out below).

For bigger jobs (5,000 words plus), I am happy to reduce my price. Just hit the Contact tab at the top of this page or email me. Then let me know the length of document you need editing (word count). I will then send you a quotation and we can negotiate from there. I am also happy to make any adjustments to my work in line with your requirements, free of charge.


Proofread only, per 1,000 words: £15.00/US$20.00/€17.00
Proofread only, by the hour: £25.00/US$32.00/€28.00

Copy edit & proofread, per 1,000 words: £20.00/US$28.00/€22.00
Copy edit & proofread, by the hour: £29.00/US$38.00/€32.00

Proofread, copy edit & rewrite, per 1,000 words: £25.00/US$35.00/€28.50
Proofread, copy edit & rewrite, by the hour: £34.00/US$44.00/€38.00

If you require a quote in any other currency, just get in touch (Contact tab at top of page or email prooftheword.com@gmail.com) and ask.
As currencies fluctuate, my rates will be set at the conversion rate on the date of your invoice. Thank you.

Perfect Editing

If you need anything edited or proofread, please get in touch and I will send you a quote of my price and we can take it from there. Once we’ve agreed a price, I will do the work and send the edited document back to you via email (or, if it’s a big file, via a dropbox, WeTransfer or whatever means you prefer).

You can then either pay me directly through your bank or through PayPal (all my details are on the invoice I will send you). I also have an IBAN and BIC, so international payments can be made.

It’s guaranteed you will be happy with the work I do! I will make any amendments you require at no extra charge. Happy customers are my reason to keep going, which is why I’ve been successful so far.

There’s a lot of positive feedback on my Testimonials page, so please take a look to see their comments. There are also reviews on FacebookYellYelpFree Index and My Local Services. I always do my best work when people really need me, so please take a look at the services I offer and get in touch!

I look forward to hearing from you! You can also email me at prooftheword.com@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “Updated Proofread/Copy Edit Prices

  1. Very forward looking, given the circumstances.

    1. Thanks for the support!

  2. If you need any document proofread or edited, all you have to do is email prooftheword.com@gmail.com or hit the Contact tab at the top of this page.

All you have to do is email me at prooftheword.com@gmail.com!

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