Blog editing

What I’ve been doing…

It’s been a while since I posted a blog, so here you go! I know you’ve all been on tenterhooks waiting, so I felt I had to! (Ok, only joking!)

I’ve gained a new customer since I last posted anything. I’m now proofreading and editing a range of magazines for ITE Group. I’ve also joined the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE), Editor World and Creative Circle.

Of course, beside all of this, I am still editing and proofreading documents for a wide range of clients. I ensure the spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax in every document I edit is perfect. I also ensure the layout is correct, and any bibliographies or references included are precise and accurate.

I know various style guides – Chicago, Harvard, AP, etc – and am happy complying with any of them. I am also happy to follow any house style I am given.

I can edit any document in Word, Libre Office, InDesign, PowerPoint or Excel. I am also happy to use track changes if you require.

So if you have any document that needs editing – essay, thesis, dissertation, article, CV or resume, magazine or book – please get in touch and let me know. I can edit using US or UK English, so just contact me.

I guarantee I will do a great job and I look forward to hearing from you.