What you need to do to make your copy perfect

Ok, so you’ve got your blog, email, newsletter, application, CV or resume, article, magazine or book ready to send out. But what should you consider before you send it?

A good place to start would be the spelling of your work. Are all the words spelt correctly as needed for your intended audience? The US and UK have different spellings for words (eg, ‘color’, colour’), and it can really annoy readers from one country if the other spelling is used! But correct spelling of either version of English is important throughout your document – if you can’t even be bothered to check the right spelling, you probably can’t be bothered to do a good job.

Grammar and punctuation are also something you should really should look at. I understand that many people don’t get it and don’t see why it matters. But anyone who reads anything will appreciate that a correctly constructed sentence reads better and makes more sense than a badly constructed one.

Let me give you a simple example. “I go work then go home”, makes less sense than “I went to work, then I went home”. Similarly, “dog got bone chew it”, makes less sense that “the dog got the bone and chewed it”.

I’m not being pedantic here – what you write in your essay, CV or resume, article, blog, newsletter or email matters! People read it and see any mistakes you’ve made! Let’s face it, most computers, tablets and phones these days underline words that are spelt incorrectly or things that are wrong in the sentence. So it’s important to get these things right.

Also, first impressions count! So if you come to someone with a badly written document, that impression will last.

But I can help you! I can sort out all of your spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax and layout of your document. All you have to do is contact me and I will help!

I will edit any document you need at a great price. I don’t rip people off or promise things I can’t deliver. Just ask any of the people I’ve worked for before and I’m sure they’ll all tell you I do great work.

If you send me a document to edit, I will make sure it’s perfect and send you something to be proud of. I guarantee that.

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3 thoughts on “What you need to do to make your copy perfect

  1. This does give a great guide to the things people need to look out for. I really think your services will still be needed though!

    1. Thanks and I hope people still do need my services!

  2. Excellent list of the things that need to be checked! I do hope this has encouraged people to check out your skills!

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