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While you’re here…

I know many of you may just happen to come across my site. But as you’re here already, why not take a look around?

You can check out my home page, see what I’m about and get to know the services I provide. Or visit my about page to see my experience and some of the people and companies I’ve worked with.

My testimonials page shows you some of the great feedback I’ve already received for the work I’ve done. The recommendations are from both individuals and companies, as I work with both.

My prices page does what it says on the tin. All my prices are negotiable, so they aren’t fixed, except by agreement. You’re now reading a blog, so I guess you know what that page has.

Finally, there’s my contact page, where you can send me an email explaining what work you want me to do, how long your document is and how you first heard about me.

Don’t be afraid to look a little deeper, you have nothing to lose other than your incorrect English!