The cost of professional editing varies widely, affected by things such as the level of experience an editor has, how in demand they are and where they are located. However, as with all things in this world, you get what you pay for.

You may find an editor who is happy to edit your 50,000-word book for just £100, but how can you be sure they will edit your book properly for that figure? In short, you can’t. However, if you research the editor you are looking to use, check any testimonials they have from previous work they have done, and look at their qualifications and experience, you can assure yourself that they are likely to work hard on your book. For a book of 50,000 words, for example, you should expect to be paying at least £500 for a thorough edit.

The price you will have to pay will also be affected by the level of editing you require. Proofreading is the cheapest form of editing, copy editing will cost more, while content editing – also called substantive editing – will be the most expensive. This is due to the level of work involved in these processes.

Some editors charge per word, other editors charge per thousand words, while others charge by the hour. It is important that you check how the editor you choose charges so that you can be clear on what the cost will be.

As a guideline, you should expect to pay at least £10 per 1,000 words for proofreading, £15 per 1,000 words for copy editing and £20 per 1,000 words for content editing. This is only a guide, but it is worth knowing what sort of price you will be expected to pay.

As editing a document means making sure your work will be in the best state it can be, it is important to make use of editing services. If your essay, article or book is full of spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and grammatical mistakes, it will not be taken seriously. After all, first impressions count.

Due to the above, it is worth paying to ensure your document is as perfect as it can be. You took the time to write it, so you want to be certain that it reaches its intended audience reading really well. While researching the editor you choose to ensure your document reads well is very important, it is just as important to get the editing done.

If you need a long document edited very quickly, you should expect to pay more. But if time is not as issue, then the price will be less. This is because an editor who is expected to turn work around very quickly will not be able to take breaks or take on any other work. All these things should be kept in mind when thinking about the price of editing.

In conclusion, the price of professional editing varies widely. The length of document you need editing is the main factor that will affect the price. The type of editing required – proofreading, copy editing or content editing – is another factor. But editing is an essential activity that every document needs.

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